08 Nov Types Of Football Leagues

               Football is a fun and professional sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It could be played as a sport or even just enjoyed on a screen. There are various games that are even inspired by football such as Fouseball, footgolf, futsal, and many others. Football is a highly paid profession. Football players earn a lot of money by endorsing sports brand. Brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas offer many various forms of endorsements such as shoes,  jerseys and even cash just for a player to showcase their brand.. Here are a few football leagues that every football  fanatic must know about,

1) La Liga -

           La Liga is the men’s professional football division of the Spanish football league system. La Liga is one of the most popular forms of a professional sports league in the world. Since its inception, 62 teams have competed in it, and only 9 teams have been crowned as champions till today. Real Madrid has won La Liga 33 times, and Barcelona has won the title 32 times. For the last 5 years according to UEFA league coefficient, La Liga has been the top league in Europe.  The average attendance of the La Liga match dring 2017-18 was 26,983.

2) FIFA -

        Fédération Internationale de Football Association or commonly known as FIFA came into existence in the year 1904. It is the international governing body of  Association football, Futsal and beach soccer. It is divided into 6 regional confederations. As of today, it comprises of 211 national associates. The first world cup was conducted in the year 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay.  FIFA is also available on computers and other gaming consoles.

3) UEFA -

       Union of European football association or commonly known as UEFA is the administrative body for association football in Europe.  It started on the 15th of June 1954 in Basel, Switzerland. The current headquarters is at Nyon in Switzerland. It consists of 55 national association members. UEFA is one of the six continental confederations of FIFA. As it’s an administrative body for football across Europe, it controls the prize money, regulations and media rights of competitions. The current president of UEFA is  Aleksander Čeferin.


4) EFL -

     English Football League or EFL was founded in 1888. It is the professional football league hailing from England and Wales. In 1922 the top 22 clubs split to form premier leagues. The main leagues below the premier leagues are known as Champion,  league 1 and league 2.  EFL is the governing body of the leagues and also organizes knock-out cup competitions.

5) Bundesliga -

      Bundesliga is the professional association football league of Germany. It has 18 teams and operates on a system of promotion. The winning team qualifies to the DFL-super cup.  54 clubs have competed in Bundesliga till today, and Bayern Munich has won it 27 times. Based on the last 5 seasons Bundesliga is ranked 4th in Europe according to UEFA.

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