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Organization Led By Project FANchise To Begin in 2017
Salt Lake City, UT – The Indoor Football League (IFL) is proud to announce the addition
of an expansion organization located in Salt Lake City, UT and led by Project FANchise, to
begin play in 2017.
In a press conference Thursday at the Maverik Center, Project FANchise, a crowd-sourced,
real-time engagement platform, announced that the yet-untitled organization will compete
at the Maverick Center as part of the IFL in 2017.
Bridging the gap between fantasy sports, video games and live sports, Project FANchise
will be the world’s first fan-run organization and looks to bring unparalleled access to team
operation to fans’ fingertips. Through Project FANchise’s proprietary mobile platform
software fans will be able to engage in team decisions such as interviewing and hiring the
General Manager and coaching staff, designing the logo, mascot jersey and merchandise,
analyzing game film and offering input on scouting reports and more.
“Today is an incredibly exciting day for the millions of sports fans who have always
dreamed of running their beloved team,” said Sohrob Farudi, Project FANchise Founder
and CEO. “We are empowering fans to make real decisions; to be part of the team. This is
the start of a new era of fandom, designed to give fans true, legitimate power.”
“The addition of Project FANchise to the IFL is not only a perfect fit for our geographic
map, it also provides the ability to be on the cutting edge of a completely new and hands-on
approach to team operation that will bring fans closer to the action than ever before,” said
IFL Commissioner Michael Allshouse. “Project FANchise Founder & CEO Sohrob Farudi
has dedicated his organization to bringing a truly unique and revolutionary product to the
Salt Lake City community.”
World’s first fan-run professional sports franchise, with a pro football team debuting in the
2017 IFL season. Founded in 2015 by Sohrob Farudi, Grant Cohen and Ray Austin, Project
FANchise gives fans who are used to screaming from the stands an unprecedented voice by
allowing them to control every part of the FANchise – from the Owner’s Box to the huddle.
Fans will use proprietary technology to make real-time, crowdsourced decisions that
directly impact the team including designing and picking the logo, mascot uniforms, and
merchandise, choosing the coaching staff and deciding which players make the team, and
even calling the plays in real-time. The industry changing property has prompted leaders in
the sports marketing world such as Andy Dolich, Manish Jha and Dan Mannix to sign on as
active advisors. Project FANchise is headquartered in Santa Monica; learn more about
making your fan dreams a reality at
The Indoor Football League (IFL) is currently in its eighth season of play in 2016. The IFL
was created in 2008 from a merger between the Intense Football League and the United
Indoor Football Association. Its teams are located from Kennewick, Washington to Green
Bay, Wisconsin. For more information about all things IFL, please log on to or call the league office at (804) 643-7277


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